“Capturing the spirit of today’s youth”

Since 2003, we’ve been working hand in hand with schools, colleges & management insitutes to create memorable and energetic portraits and mementos to preserve our clients’ memories and tell their stories.
It is the first organization of its kind in India, specializing in Photography and Videography for Schools & Colleges. Using creative photographers, the finest photographic and lighting equipment, we execute live setups on site & create photographs that are unique for all our Educational Institutions.

The images that we create are vibrant and full of life, from Children to Grandparents, Teenagers to Professionals, Playschools to Indian Institutes of Techonology & Higher Education.

We create unique and beautiful memories for each of them.

We specialize in capturing the spirit of today and preserving those memories for tomorrow.

With our approach to Class, Groups & Team Photography, you now have extremely clear photographs, which are superbly organised to provide equal importance to each individual and are able to see each and every one of them clearly.

We have also created a unique and efficient system for photographing subjectsindividually. This allows for fresh, attractive individual photographs, in a regimented process driven, photo shoot schedule, fewer absences from classes and a range of individual and personalized photo options - plus many other benefits.